Windows 11 Shortcuts - Tips & Tricks

Windows 11 introduced some changes to the user interface, but many keyboard shortcuts from Windows 10 are still applicable. Here are some common and useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11:

General Shortcuts:

  • Win key: Open or close the Start Menu.
  • Win + D: Show or hide the desktop.
  • Win + E: Open File Explorer.
  • Win + I: Open Settings.
  • Win + L: Lock the computer.
  • Alt + Tab: Switch between open applications.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager.

Window Management:

  • Win + Left Arrow or Right Arrow: Snap the active window to the left or right side of the screen.
  • Win + Up Arrow or Down Arrow: Maximize or restore/minimize the active window.
  • Win + Shift + Left Arrow or Right Arrow: Move the active window to the next or previous monitor (if using multiple monitors).
  • Alt + F4: Close the active window or app.

Taskbar Shortcuts:

  • Win + Number (1-9): Open the corresponding app on the taskbar.
  • Win + T: Cycle through apps on the taskbar.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager directly.

File Explorer Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + C: Copy selected items.
  • Ctrl + X: Cut selected items.
  • Ctrl + V: Paste copied or cut items.
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new folder.
  • Alt + Up Arrow: Go up one level in File Explorer.

Text Editing Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + A: Select all.
  • Ctrl + C: Copy selected text.
  • Ctrl + X: Cut selected text.
  • Ctrl + V: Paste copied or cut text.
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo the last action.
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo the last undone action.

Task View and Virtual Desktops:

  • Win + Tab: Open Task View.
  • Win + Ctrl + D: Create a new virtual desktop.
  • Win + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow: Switch between virtual desktops.
  • Win + Ctrl + F4: Close the current virtual desktop.

Accessibility Shortcuts:

  • Win + + (Plus key) or Win + - (Minus key): Open Magnifier and zoom in/out.
  • Ctrl + Win + Enter: Toggle Narrator (screen reader).
  • Ctrl + Win + C: Open Color Filters.

These are just a few examples, and there are more shortcuts available in Windows 11. Feel free to explore and discover the ones that best suit your workflow and needs.

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